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EQX Global LLC is a research and engineering company dedicated to providing base isolation solutions to protect against earthquake damage. Typical applications involve high value assets such as Data Centers, Hospitals, Museums, Critical Manufacturing Equipment, Warehouses with high value contents, Laboratories and or any application were it is important to protect critical assets. Safety, Business Continuity and preservation of irreplaceable items are the goal of the system design.

Seismic Floor Systems

Seismic floor systems are floors designed to isolate the non structural contents of a building from the violent motions of an earthquake or a blast wave. The floors are created with a product called EQX Seismic Floor Systems.

The System consists of two sliding plates less than 4 mm thick. The plates are arranged in an array of movable top plates and fixed bottom plates. In an earthquake the relative motion between the top and bottom plates isolates objects on top of the system from the earthquake acceleration.

EQX Global Sliding Plates and Damper

Sliding Plates and Damper

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